Student Questioned for 2nd Amendment Flag

According to an audio recording obtained by Campus Reform a California High School student was questioned over wearing a flag that had a picture of a gun on it. The flag was a pro-2nd Amendment flag that was going to be used by Charles Li during a Pro 2nd Amendment walkout. 

He told them that he was wearing as part of the Pro 2nd Amendment school walkout and that is was a polirical message. 

“’s not an actual gun,” Li tells the administrators shortly after being confronted.

“So it is a gun,” a female administrator interjects triumphantly, to which Li replies that, “if it is a gun, I have a right to wear it, in support of the Second Amendment,” pointing out that “the whole point of the protest is going against a semi-automatic weapons ban.”

The school admin disagreed. 

“I don’t really see how it’s supporting the Constitution by wearing a gun on your back,” the official counters, after which a male administrator adds that “I don’t remember there being semi-automatic rifles in the Constitution.”

During the question by school administrators Charles was told the dress code would not allow him to wear clothing that promotes violence. 

The administrator counters that he had “more of a right to wear it off-campus on your walk” than inside the school, “because our dress code says people cannot promote drug use, violence, and so forth.”

“Well, I’m not promoting violence,” Li responds. “How am I promoting any violence? I don’t get how this is promoting violence, just by supporting the Constitution.”

The twist comes in the ending. After having their conversation the staff feared that their conversation was being recorded. They asked Charles Li to give them his phone so they can see if he recorded them. 

At the end of the discussion, the administrators ask Li to surrender his phone so that they can examine its contents, explaining that “we’re going to be talking to you in a minute about what you might possibly have on that phone.”

Read the full story here or listen to the conversation below. 


The flag look similar to this image posted on Twitter. 

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