MSNBC won't move from Handicap spot so veteran can vote !!!!!

A disabled Air Force veteran posted photos online of an MSNBC news crew blocking handicapped parking outside an early voting place in Houston

The crew was covering elections and used two handicapped spaces and one handicapped loading zone to park a camera, lights, equipment along with their reporter. 

People attempting to vote asked MSNBC’s crew to move Even with help from a group of firefighters standing nearby nothing changed and MSNBC still would not move their equipment out of the spot. 

One couple that was attempting to park and go in and vote said a MSNBC producer even kneeled on the ground at one point and begged for more time.

The photo appeared on Facebook and went viral. Check it out below. 


MSNBC did apologize after the photo went viral. 

Mike Broomhead

Mike Broomhead

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