Audit claims that Country Recorder coordinated with Sinema's campaign

The preliminary election report from the Republican Party is out and it claims that the Arizona County Recorder’s Office coordinated with the campaign of Kyrsten Sinema and the office provided election data to neither Democrats nor Republicans. The report was put together by Stephen Richer who is an attorney in the Phoenix, Arizona. Stephen conducted this report as an independent volunteer for the Arizona Republican Party and received no compensation for the report.

The report makes the claim that the Campaign for the Rep. Sinema received election information that wasn’t proved to Republican candidate Martha McSally.

“Recorder Fontes coordinated with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema’s campaign by privately disclosing the timing and location of the emergency voting centers without offering the same information to Republican Martha McSally’s campaign”

The claim in the report is that Sinema’s campaign knew the locations of 5 emergency voting centers and handed out flyers in that area. The campaign for Martha McSally was not informed or was aware of these locations.

“The Sinema campaign arranged for a flyer-drop in the areas surrounding the emergency voting centers immediately prior to the opening of the centers. Such a flyer-drop could suggest that the Sinema campaign knew about the location of the emergency voting centers prior to their public announcement. A former staff member of the Martha McSally campaign did not comment on the allegation that the Recorder’s Office coordinated with the Sinema campaign, but did note that the McSally campaign was unaware of the expansion of emergency voting prior to the Recorder’s public announcement?”

The accusation is also made that Recorder Fontes informed atones for the Arizona Democratic Party on how to obtain voting records and didn’t give that same information to attorneys for Martha McSally.

“Recorder Fontes sent instructive and helpful private text messages to attorney Roopali Desai and/or other members of the law firm Coppersmith Brockelman PLC, counsel for the Arizona Democratic Party, regarding the fact that they would need to sue his office to obtain certain information regarding voter records, but that Recorder Fontes did not provide the same information to the attorneys representing the Martha McSally campaign or the Arizona Republican Party”

The report includes over 200 pages of exhibits including public records and affidavits from witnesses.

Read the Full report for yourself here.

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