Red For Ed Planning Another Strike?

It appears Red For Red leaders and some of their members are looking for Arizona teachers to strike again. We here on the Mike Broomhead Show have been keeping an eye on what this group has been doing behind the scenes in their secret Facebook group.

Here's the first example. Kelley Wendland Fisher is trying to organize professional learning community groups (PLCs). These are organization efforts to get their word out. This is how Red For Ed could push for another walkout.

Red For Ed's Kelley Wendland Fisher

Red For Ed is even teaching others in their Facebook group tools to help organize PLCs.

Red For Ed PLCs

Paul Padia is a member of the Red For Ed private Facebook group. He is openly (in their private group anyways) calling for teachers to walk off the job in this Facebook post. He writes, 'if we don't strike and stay out until the demands are met, then those RedForED shirts mean nothing. Talk is cheap,' he continues.

'Actions are real,' Padia adds. 'Last year we gave in for a fake 20 percent increase over 2 years, then our property taxes on our homes were raised, so we got nothing. I stopped wearing a RedForED shirt, because that will not get us what we want. We need to strike.' Padia continues, 'I'm tired of meeting's, wearing a red shirt. It's time to take a stand and not come back till the demands are met. I understand this is a right to work State, but if we don't hold out then we lose...we'll never accomplish nothing by posting here on Facebook.'

Grammar mistakes aside his opinion seems clear.

Red For Red Paul Padia

Others agree with him. Linda writes, 'they need to walk again.' Kaylan adds, 'as a parent, I support another strike. I support as many as needed to get our educators properly funded and paid--ALL of them, including support staff.' Sara comments, 'let's do it.'

The main question is: how many teachers, counselors and other school staff employees will jump on board? We are the only ones talking about this in the Arizona media right now. Mostly because Red For Ed is trying to hide this from all of us. Stay tuned. The end of the school year could be interrupted because of another teacher strike.

Mike Broomhead

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