Does Phoenix Need a Civilian Review Board for its Police Department

The anti-police rhetoric that seems to be in most major cities across America has now shown itself in Phoenix. The new Mayor Kate Gallego seems to be leading the charge. There is a push to create a civilian review board with oversight powers. Oversight is a good thing. But who will be chosen? Are you going to load the board with anti-police voices? Or pro-police voices? Who gets to choose? Are civilians who have never been in the shoes of a police officer qualified to assess the behavior of an officer in a life or death situation? In other professions the review board is made up of people from within that profession. Doctors and lawyers are reviewed by doctors and lawyers. Why should the police be any different? Is this about ensuring excellence in our police department or is it about people who don't like cops having a way to voice their displeasure? If they are going to form this board why wouldn't you make it up of former cops? They seem to be the best qualified to say if a cop acted appropriately in any situation.

Mike Broomhead

Mike Broomhead

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