City With The Highest Minimum Wage in the U.S. Laying Off Workers

Emeryville CA. touts the highest minimum wage in the U.S. but some small business owners are claiming that it has caused them to layoff most of their workforce. What is happening there is exactly what I have been saying for years about arbitrarily raising the minimum wage. It hurts the very people it is intended to help. Many of the minimum wage earners lose their jobs and the ones that keep their jobs see no improvement in quality of life because the cost of living increases. In Emeryville the median price for a one bedroom apartment is over $2,800 per month. The median home price is $560,000 and a salad is $15.50 at a local restaurant. The other group that is severely hurt is the middle class. They don't get a pay raise and they see the cost of living jump for them as well. The wealthy can take the increases without major changes in quality of life, But the working class feels the money crunch. Once again, the well intentioned ideas of helping the working poor backfires. Create a booming economy and let employers fight for a workforce and entice good employees with higher pay and better benefits.

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Mike Broomhead

Mike Broomhead

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