Who Is To Blame For Mass Shootings?

Two mass shootings over the weekend has the country once again debating the cause of the carnage. From Presidential candidates to the traditional media the left blames President Trump and his rhetoric. Saying that his overtly racist and white nationalist words are motivating people to violence. This is absurd on a couple of levels.

Calling the President racist is an opinion based a political hatred for President Trump. They view everything through that lens. Nothing the President says or does could possibly be good. So when 2 deranged people go on killing sprees, the only person they blame is Trump because he is the center of evil. Secondly, we don't blame the actions of someone because of the words of someone else. Hypothetically, if someone now makes an attempt to assassinate the President because his words are motivating white nationalists to kill "foreigners" can that attempt be blamed on the rhetoric from the left? Of course not! As absurd and divisive as the left is being, they aren't to blame for the actions of a deranged individual or group. Was the attack on the Congressional Republican baseball team a few years ago caused by left wing rhetoric? Were the mass shootings during the Obama administration Obama's fault?

The focus should be on seeing the signs of the dangerously mentally ill and figuring out what intervention can happen within the confines of the Constitution. If or when can we intervene? How do we judge the words used online? Could someone be taken into custody for hateful or threatening words on social media? These questions are not easily answered. But they would go a lot further in solving the problem than taking away guns because they look ominous. We ought to be focused on solutions instead of the emotionally immature reactions based on political ideology. Whatever we try to do will come with Constitutional questions. But let's ask the questions that may lead to real solutions.

Mike Broomhead

Mike Broomhead

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