Maduro Likens Himself to Stalin

posted by Bill Strange -

Controversial Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is comparing himself to Joseph Stalin.  Maduro made the comparison this weekend on national television boasting that many consider him to be the Stalin of the Caribbean.  Maduro noted that he even looks like the former Soviet communist dictator. Maduro was hand-picked by former strongman Hugo Chávez to take over the reigns of power after Chávez's death from stomach cancer and finish carrying out a Castro style communist take-over of Venezuela's economy and government institutions based on a Stalinist Soviet model.  Among other excesses, the Maduro government is known for its repression of political opposition including throwing opposition leaders in prison indefinitely.

And, among other excesses, Stalin is known for mandating the execution of millions of his own citizens as well as the forced imprisonment in work and 're-education' camps of millions more.

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