Why Fox News Hosted Crazy Bernie’s Town Hall

RUSH:  The Bernie Sanders town hall on Fox News has got people on both sides of the political divide agitated.  The Fox News fans are livid that Bernie Sanders was given the forum and access to that audience, a larger audience than Bernie can find on any other cable news network out there, which is true.  In fact, Bernie created the highest rated town hall yet on any network.  It was by no means a record audience, but for town halls it was: 2.6 million people, 50,000 people in the demo 25-54.

From 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., so it was a big number, but it's not anywhere near a record.  My appearances on Fox generate no less than four million. Ahem. But for town halls, within that universe, it was bigger than any town hall there ever has been on CNN or PMSNBC.  But not only is the Fox News audience irritated and ticked off and threatening to abandon the network, the left is ticked off!  They are livid at Bernie for doing it!

They're so mad at Bernie, they're saying that this is a classic example of how Bernie Sanders is selfish and thinks only of himself and is not a team player, and his appearance is undermining their efforts to destroy Fox.  They're openly admitting this.  Bernie Sanders showing up -- and now, since Bernie had a record town hall, guess who's raising his little hand there and wants to be next? (impression) "Hi, I'm Mayor Pete! I'm Mayor Pete!

"Can I do one? C-c-can I come on?  I -- I -- I mean, I did really well in the CNN talk, really good. Can I come on?"  And they're thinking about having Mayor Pete come on to do it. They are.  But, folks, I need to explain this.  There's so much more involved in this.  I especially want those of you who are mad at Fox to hear a couple of things. I'm not gonna try to talk you out of being mad, but I think there's always more to these things than appear on the surface.

This article originally appeared on Rush Limbaugh

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