Why Didn’t We Know Elijah Cummings Was Sick?

RUSH: The noted congressman from Maryland (the Baltimore area, the inner city and part of the suburbs) and chairman the appropriations committee, Elijah Cummings -- a former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucasians -- passed away overnight. His family said that he passed away around 2 a.m. He was at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore. Now, is it just me, or were you surprised? Did you know that Congressman Cummings was sick? I didn't. Did you know he was extremely sick?

Here's a story: "Cummings' office said in a brief statement that he died 'due to complications concerning longstanding health challenges.' Cummings had been in ill health the past few years, navigating the Capitol in a motorized cart and using a walker." I had no idea about any of that. Now, a lot of people did. I mean, you can't tool around the Capitol on a motorized cart or a walker not everybody know.

But they kept it under wraps, not surprisingly. But amidst all this talk that "Trump's unfit, Trump had a meltdown, Trump's sick, Trump needs to go," does anybody besides me think that maybe somebody should have known about this? He's chairman the appropriations committee. Maybe not. Who knows? Just a member of Congress, not president. At any rate, RIP Elijah Cummings.

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