Why the Drive-Bys Went Batty Over What I Said About Mayor Pete

RUSH: This Mayor Pete stuff. What do you think the main reason the Drive-Bys went batty over this?

I didn't lecture Mayor Pete on anything. I didn't say anything anti-gay. I didn't even offer an opinion of my own. I was asking people to analyze -- asking people to imagine how the Democrat power base was looking at their options after the Hawkeye Cauci and New the Hampshire primary. I'll replay the bite for you. It takes about two minutes to go through, but at no point was there a lecture of Mayor Pete on family values or anything else. At no point was there a condemnation of Mayor Pete.

In fact, I'm the reason Mayor Pete's on the map! I'm the guy, after a CNN town hall at South by Southwest in 2019... I'm the guy that came here... Snerdley has been mad at me from the get-go for this. I'm the guy that came in here and told you all, "Be on the lookout for Mayor Pete." I saw him; I thought he performed well in the town hall. I thought he expressed his opinions well. He did a great job of hiding his liberal extremism, which is what leftists have to do in primaries in order to go out and get as broad a base as they can.

First on was Tulsi Gabbard, and it was two hours -- and I was made to watch this. I had a guest in for a member-guest golf tournament. It was in March of whatever year this would have been. It has to be the last. The guest, a noted TV anchor, said, "I've gotta watch this." I said, "Come on, man! It's Saturday night! I don't want to watch CNN and these schlubs." "I've got to." So we fired up the big 100-inch screen 4K TV and dialed in CNN.

I watched Mayor Pete, and I said, "You know, this guy is pretty smooth." The next day, Monday, I came to the program and warned everybody, "Be on the lookout for Mayor Pete." He's on the map because of me! At no time have I lectured Mayor Pete. At no time have I opined on Mayor Pete as to what I think at all. Do you know what this really is about, folks? I'll tell you what this is really about, the main reason.

Hell, the president even called me about this! The president checks in every now and then to see how I'm doing -- he's such a nice guy -- and he called. It's uncanny. I'm... (interruption) Do I respond to him? Yeah! (interruption) Well, I try to reply to all of them, Dawn. I'm not gonna be able to, but he called. And, yeah. I'm a powerful, influential member of the media, folks; I've got the White House private number in my phone. So when the White House calls, it says there on my phone.

So invariably -- it's uncanny -- he calls when I am moments away from commencing a medical procedure, and I had to tell the doctors, "You've gotta give me a half hour. The president's calling." "Okay. We'll wait a half hour." Then I told the White House, "Look, I got a medical procedure in 10 minutes. Can you have the president call me back in 35?" And they did. So he called back, and he said, "Rush, I just gotta tell you something. Never apologize. Don't ever apologize."

I said, "For what?"

I had no idea this thing had even bubbled up. You know, I'm up doing the medical thing that I have to do here, and I wasn't even aware of this. So here's what I think's going on. Then I became aware of it, and Kathryn said, "Oh, yeah, they're all over you. It's the usual thing. They're saying you said things you didn't say. All you had to do, Rush, was mention somebody is gay and here they come: You're a homophobe," and that's exactly what this is.

I think what set the Drive-Bys in the media off and in Washington... I think they are mad about my remarks about Mayor Pete because I think they think that a lot of people didn't know that he's gay. I'm talking about the low-information voters, the great unwashed. I think they think that there's a lot of people that don't know he's gay and that I sort of dropped the dime on it and let people who otherwise didn't know that Mayor Pete is gay.

I think that's what they're really mad about, that I even mentioned it. You're not supposed to mention it. Why aren't you supposed to mention it? Well, you answer that yourself. I mean, the Drive-Bys -- as I've read what they've said and as I've replayed it (I've got transcripts of audio sound bites, montages) -- they even seem to be afraid that I might have revealed that news to a lot of low-information voters for the first time.

Now, I'm looking at people on the other side of the glass -- Snerdley, Brian, and Dawn -- and they're look at me. "No. It can't be that," and you know why they think that? 'Cause they know he's gay; so they think everybody must believe he's gay. But I'm telling you, there has to be a reason for this. (interruption) Well, no... (interruption) Well, I know they're mad that I got the Medal of Freedom and they've been looking for a way to lash back, and so here they come along.

And all I happened to say was, "If you're in the Democrat Party today and these are your three options based on the returns from Iowa and New Hampshire, how are you feeling about this?" I went through the whole thing from the perspective of Democrat powerbrokers. So I mentioned that Mayor Pete is gay, and, bam! That's all it took, and here comes, "Limbaugh's a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe! Decades and decades of negative comments, besmirching comments! Inhumane comments!"

It just flows out of their mouth and across their lips like water. It is knee-jerk. They didn't even have to take the time to find out what I was really saying. What it was is just like I said last week talking about Biden. I told you from the get-go: I never thought the guy was gonna win. It's not personal with Biden. I'm giving you straight political analysis here. It's exactly what I was doing with this Mayor Pete situation. So Mayor Pete's out there saying, "I'm not gonna be lectured to on family values!"

Well, I didn't lecture him on family values. I didn't lecture anybody on family values, and they all know this. So now they're gonna take these comments and they'll further distort these. You know, this is why I don't like responding to this stuff. But I said, "What the hell." This is something that those of you who were listening know the truth and know how it was distorted. Those of you who weren't, who are now listening, deserve to have it known.

I'll go through the comments that I made afterwards -- and, by the way, if you keep listening, you will find out... Do you know what James Clyburn is, folks? James Clyburn is a former chairman of the House Congressional Black Caucasians. He's from South Carolina (his daughter is named Mignon Clyburn), and he agreed with me. Not by name. He didn't say (impression), "Rush Limbo is right."

He said exactly what I said the Democrat hierarchy was going to say after the results in Iowa and New Hampshire. He proves my point. But the Drive-Bys and the leftists, there's an activist gay community -- I have it here if the stories in the Stack of Stuff. They're mad at Mayor Pete because he's trying to undersell it. They're mad at Mayor Pete because he's not flaunting who he is. So the point is, El Rushbo, anti-gay? (Snort!) I could care less. Nothing I can do about it anyway.

I didn't lecture anybody on family values. I would not do so on this program. I simply was engaging in political analysis that is politically incorrect as far as the left is concerned. You simply are not -- a conservative is not -- permitted to identify a gay candidate as gay. These people need to be thanking me. Mayor Pete is on the map because of me -- and himself, of course, obviously. But he's on the map because of me.

I guarantee you, after that appearance on CNN at South by Southwest a year and a half ago or whenever it was and I came here the following Monday and said, "Folks, keep a sharp eye out for Mayor Pete," I guarantee you that was a great day in Mayor Pete's campaign. "Wow. Did you hear what Limbaugh said? Limbaugh said, 'Keep a sharp eye on Mayor Pete.'"


RUSH: March 18th, 2019, Mayor Pete, CNN, South by Southwest, that couple days after that is when I put Mayor Pete on the map.


RUSH: Now, my friends, do not doubt me when I tell you that the primary reason the Drive-Bys -- now, you can argue that I got the Medal of Freedom. Yeah, that's gonna bug 'em for the rest of their lives. But there's another reason why they're ticked off at me and they're trying to besmirch me on the Mayor Pete stuff, and it's the fact that there's a lot of primary voters out there that do not know he is gay. You may think, "Rush, that's absolutely absurd." I have (shuffling papers) here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. Put it up on the Dittocam.

Here's a headline, NBC News. This goes back to the 5th of February: "Iowa Caucus-Goer Pulls Buttigieg Vote After Learning He's Gay, Viral Video Shows," and then there's a picture of this voter. I'm not gonna put the picture of the voter on the Dittocam. "The Time magazine cover photo didn’t do it. Nor did the March appearance on ABC’s The View or a year’s worth of digital and television news stories.

"It was not until Monday night — after casting her caucus vote for — that an Iowa Democratic caucus voter, known only as 'Geert,' first learned that the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is gay and married a man in 2018. 'Are you saying he has a same-sex partner?' the woman asked in a now viral video..." Then she goes and asks for her vote for Mayor Pete back. Now, don't doubt me, my friends, when I tell you that one of the...

You know, aside from the Medal of Freedom business -- which is gonna be a constant (chuckles) thorn in their side (chuckles) that's never gonna go away -- believe me, the reason that the Democrats in the media and in Washington are really mad about my remarks about him is because there's a lot of Democrat primary voters who don't know that Mayor Pete is gay. It wasn't even my intention... It never occurred to me. Now that I think about the coverage over the last few weeks, it seems to me the media would like us to forget that Mayor Pete is gay -- and that, in itself, is kind of puzzling.


RUSH: Just a couple more things on this Mayor Pete business, then I want to move on. One thing is, don't you find it a little strange -- and look, when Obama won the Democrat nomination, “Oh, my Lord, what a great day. What a great progressive day. What a great day for America. We've finally matured. We've come to the point in our history where we can embrace an African-American, as a primary major party nominee for president, great, great, great, great day.”

When Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, the Democrats, “Oh, what a great day, a woman has finally proceeded to the glass ceiling, isn't it a great day, we are overcoming our bigotry.” So Mayor Pete wins Iowa, they say nothing about the fact that Mayor Pete is gay and it represents such a major, major step forward, a major progressive step forward, overcoming bigotry, racism, whatever it is. Silence. No mention of it.

Then Mayor Pete, competitive close in New Hampshire. No mention of it. Anybody curious why that is? Well, I could go back, I could tell you why. I could tell you exactly what I told you -- that bite takes two minutes to play so I'm not gonna do it, but the comments that got the Drive-Bys all fired up were last Wednesday.

So here you are, you're the Democrats. You've just had an absolute chaos of a disaster in Iowa in terms of your caucus and your vote counting and all this stuff. The Russians got in there and messed everything up. Then you learn that the DNC was in charge of the app that got messed up. And Mayor Pete's the winner but nobody's sure.

Then you go to New Hampshire, Crazy Bernie. So you got Crazy Bernie -- the top three, Crazy Bernie, Mayor Pete, Amy Klobuchar. So you're the Democrats. Over here you got Donald Trump, who is a well-known quantity, everybody now knows exactly who Trump is and how he is and what he is, and he's formidable.

You're leading the Democrats. Okay, you got Amy Klobuchar. Well, she's not gonna go anywhere, and we don't want Amy Klobuchar to be the nominee 'cause she's gonna lose. That would mean two women in a row would lose. We can't have that. You got Mayor Pete, who I said has made a practice of hugging and kissing his husband on the stage. The Democrats looking at that, you’re gonna measure that up against Donald Trump. I don't know how that's gonna fall out, don't know how that's gonna look.

Then you go to Crazy Bernie, oh, no, you've got a mad scientist, socialist, communist. I said the Democrats are panicking. They have no options here. And that's the thrust -- essence of what I said. And here comes all this, “It’s anti-gay, bigotry, Limbaugh is typical of the mealymouthed, mean-spirited extremism.” All I was doing was engaging in smart, unique political analysis detailing the problems Democrats have with either Klobuchar, Mayor Pete, or Crazy Bernie -- and now Bloomberg.

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