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Sign The Petition To Open Arizona Businesses Back Up

I love Arizona.

I love our people. I love the beauty of this state. And I love the businesses that keep our economy going and employ millions of people.

Yes, this is a difficult time. Yes, times are unprecedented. Yes, COVID19 is out there.

But, it's time to get back to work.

This is a petition (click to sign it) calling on political leadership in Arizona to start opening up parts of the economy. Are you ready, willing, able and healthy? Do you want to see business back open again?

Are you ready to take personal responsibility and precautions before patronizing businesses?

If you are willing to be part of the first wave that will help keep people employed in the state while doing everything you can to patronize and still keep others safe (wash hands, face mask, gloves, etc), please sign this petition.

Know any others who want to be part of this bold first wave of Arizonans that are ready for this, share it with them.

And let's face it. Many of us are already doing this when we shop at grocery stores. We are already out there taking precautions. Let's do this for Arizona. Let's do this for our friends and neighbors.

It's time Arizona. Let's lead the way.

Sign it here.

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