Congressman Jerry Nadler’s Staff Kills Primary Opponents. Digitally.

It is still Joe Biden’s greatest fear that Donald Trump will “cheat” in the upcoming election. Democrats agree. They are now out across the nation in force to declare their quadrennial (every 4 years) concern for voter suppression.

Could you imaging the fallout if a candidate was busted cheating and participating in some sort of voter suppression? It would be even crazier if that congressional candidate was the sitting Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Wouldn’t it?

Just when you think that the democrats have reached their height of hypocrisy, Jerry Nadler says, “Hold my beer.”

Allegedly, Nadler’s campaign Senior Advisor, Robert Atterbury, logged into NGP VAN (a voter database and web hosting service provider used by the Democratic Party and Democratic campaigns) and updated the current life status of each of Nadler’s primary opponents to “DECEASED”.

One of Nadler's primary opponents, Lindsey Boylan, took to Twitter with her response:

Jerry Nadler's campaign has yet to feel this much pressure in any of his prior primaries. Looks like they were feeling the heat and resorted oldest trick in the book, cheating.

Remember, in today's electoral world, it's only scandalous if the cheating comes from the Republican side of the political world, especially if they can point the finger only at President Trump.

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