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The Woke NFL Season Kicks Off Tonight

Remember the good ol days? You know, back in 2019. The good old day when the NFL season would kick off and we would ask our friends and co-workers, “Where are you watching the opener tonight?” This year the question has turned to, “Are you watching the game tonight?” In some cases, “Are you even watching the NFL this season?”

Where have we gone wrong? I’ll tell you. Get woke, go broke.

Our professional sports viewing lives have been highjacked by wokeness and corporate fear of the PC mob.

You don’t have to search very far for examples. The MLB and NBA are perfect case studies.

Major League Baseball kicked off to abysmal ratings. Each game began with players taking knees for the National Anthem while holding a black unity ribbon. BLM was painted on the back of each pitchers mound complimenting additional BLM signage around the stadiums. It couldn’t get more woke than that.

The NBA said, “Hold my beer.”

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks - Game One

Black Lives Matter painted on each court. Players sporting social justice phrases on their jerseys. Each player forced to wear black BLM shirts in warmups and on the bench. Oh, and coaches spouting off about politics whenever possible. Don’t get me started on LeBron James.

The ratings plummeted and the NBA still refuses to change course. Even in the face of polls that show that politics and sports don’t mix.

Major League Baseball quickly changed course. Gone are the BLM logos and the social justice reads by the announcers. It’s just back to baseball. And the rating have skyrocketed.

So has the NFL taken a que from MLB? Well, here’s what to expect from the season’s kick-off.

  • ·The “Black National Anthem” will play adjacent to our nation’s National Anthem.
  • ·Kneeling will be everywhere
  • ·Social Justice messaging in the end zone
  • ·Social Justice or Name stickers on helmets
  • ·Social Justice warmup shirts

Looks like it’s going to be the NBA with helmets and shoulder pads.

My sports viewing time is limited and valuable. For me, it’s a decision between tonight’s NFL kickoff or DBacks/Dodgers. Looks like my attention will be on the action at Chase Field.

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