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The Rise of AOC - It's a Good Thing

Now after reading that headline, I want you to put down you torches and pitchforks. Hear me out on this.

Today, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted that it is time for new leadership in the Democrat Party. Let’s stop there for a moment and talk like grow-ups. It’s time to admit, maybe for the first time, thatAOCis actually right! I know it hurts, but she’s right.

She went on to explain that the current leadership is so powerful that any challenges are quickly beaten back. There is no room for upward mobility in the DNC ranks. She also claimed that no plans are being made for a post Schumer/Pelosi Party.

If the Young Turks and the Squad continue to primary and place pressure on the old guard,AOCjust might get her wish. The dream of a progressive socialist party could be within reach.

That is why this would be a good thing. Can you imagine The Squad at the helm of the Democrat Party? What a gift to the nation!

The vast majority of Democrat voters are moderate Democrats or just hate Trump. Either way, they are NOT socialists. The Democrats I know, for the most part, are lovers of this great nation and would never want to see it head down the road to ruin. That road to ruin would quickly be highlighted by The Squad's leadership.

There is one consistency that the Democrat party has shown us time and time again. They will always overplay their hand. The Squad leadership team would be no different.

Republicans and moderate Democrats alike would quickly see what is coming and blanket the nation in a Red Tsunami!

So be patient, hope for a progressive change of leadership in the Democrat party, and watch them expose their true agenda to the nation and the world.

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