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2020's Top 5 Super Spreaders

#5) Masks

Yes, masks. More accurately, improper mask wearing. What was labeled as the virus crushing panacea has turned out to be a case study in well-intended ignorance.

From under- the-nose wearing to chin diapers to “that guy” in Home Depot that took his mask off to sneeze, I haven’t seen anyone wearing a mask properly. 

According to the CDC masks should only be worn over the nose and mouth, worn only once before washing, should not be touched, and only certain mask effectively limit virus spread. By a show of hands or comments, who has been following all of these rules? Who has seen anyone following all of these rules? Exactly.

A recent study showed that wearing a mask more than once could be more dangerous for the wearer than not wearing a mask at all.

#4) Grocery/Big Box Stores

Remember when Lord Ducey assured us that his advisors where heads of retailers and big box stores? Oops.

Big tip of the hat to the West Texas Town of El Paso (your welcome for the ear worm), that actually did what they said that they would do with the Cares Act funds, CONTACT TRACING! Their scientific research uncovered that it was grocery and big box stores that were leading the charge in virus spread.

But what about all of that life-saving / virus crushing plexiglass? That checkout clerk that has been fiddling with his mask all day is now touching each and every item that you are taking home with you. Oh, and don’t forget about the person bagging the items as well. A germaphobe would cringe if they contact traced every item that they purchased at a store.

Home delivery is worse! You are just adding another set of exposed hands touching each of your items. Yuck!

#3) Mask Disciples

A Mask Disciple is any person that clings to The Book of St. Fauci without question. These are the believers that masks truly are the panacea and not simply a mitigation measure.

Mask Disciples subscribe to the theory that as long as they have been disciplined and faithful in their mask wearing that they can roam about town freely without fear of contracting or spreading the virus.

As we learned earlier, unless they a slapping on a fresh N95 mask every time it is touched or removed, they are wearing the mask improperly and are at risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

Classic Mask Disciple lines are, “It’s ok, I’ve been wearing a mask everywhere I go” or “I’ve been wearing a mask for weeks. It’s ok to go visit grandma.”

Bye bye, grandma.

#2) Quarantine Bubblers

Quarantine Bubbles are simply an invention of the original alarmists that grew tired of not being able to socialize with their friend groups. The most famous Quarantine Bubblers are our tyrannic leaders themselves. Remember Lord Ducey explaining away him stopping by a graduation party for a quick Michelob Ultra? No masks, No social distancing. But it’s ok because they were in his friend group. Governor Newsome ponied up $300 a meal at a California restaurant. It was ok because he was dining with close friends and family. The infamous list extends all the way to the top as Nancy Pelosi ran out for a quick primp and blowout while her city was on lockdown.

Quarantine Bubblers ignore the simple fact when it comes to viruses, no one is safe. To Quarantine Bubblers, socializing is a higher priority than facts. It’s easier to just ignore a simple truth, virus gonna virus.

The safety of a Quarantine Bubble is an illusion and we all know it. Let’s use a family of 4 as an example. Dad or mom head off to work and are exposed to a virus. That virus comes home with them and does not run away at the sight of the front door. The virus comes into the house and invites itself to anyone and anything in the house. This includes the other 3 members of the Quarantine Bubble. There is no immunity that is attached to time spent together.

#1) The “Experts”

Of course I am referring to the Big 3, St. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and Surgeon General Jerome Davis. There is an entire list of Honorable Mentions in this category (including not 1 but 2 Guptas) but for the sake of time, I’ll stick with these 3. And before I dig in, I would like to point out that neither of these 3 ever spoke to us like adults. Most of their inconsistencies could have been forgiven if they had just admitted from the beginning that they know nothing about this virus and that they would be giving their best GUESS at every turn. Please bear with us as we try to keep everyone as safe as possible. That would have been easy, right? But that didn’t happen so their inconsistency has landed them in the top superspreader position.

St. Fauci has been in over his head (that is not a shot at his height) since the beginning. But the allure of the fame and spotlight was too much for his ego. See: Throwing out first pitch at a Nationals game and sporting a chin diaper in later innings. In the beginning, St. Fauci said that there was nothing to be alarmed over. There is ZERO evidence of human to human spread. WHAT? That was followed up by his famous stance on masks claiming that they don’t protect or stop the spread. His later justification for those comments was that he was attempting to intentionally mislead the public so there was not a run on masks. Most recently, St. Fauci admitted to CNN’s Dana Bash that he leaned on public polling to aid his “expertise” with heard immunity numbers. Yes, this the man we all turned to for advice.

And then there is Dr. Deborah Birx. Dr. Birx was the one that we followed into “15 Days to Stop the Spread”. Here in Arizona we are on day 287 of “15 Days to Stop the Spread”. She didn’t know what she was talking about. Most recently, Dr. Birx lectured us on staying home for the holidays. Preached the merits of virtual gatherings. All while she was appearing on cable news shows from her vacation home in which her entire extended family travelled to for Thanksgiving. She has announced her retirement after being called out for her hypocrisy. However, I will give her one piece of credit. She exposed what the politicians and cable news quickly buried. The reason that the US 4% of the world’s population and 25% of COVID deaths is that we count COVID deaths differently than any other nation. It all has to do with that cool word she introduced us to, comorbidities. So, if someone is levelled by a bus, and has COVID, add another one to the CNN COVID death ticker!

Finally, Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Davis. Bless his heart. This guy looked like he NEVER wanted the spotlight. Yet he made the mistake of taking on the roll of expert instead of leveling with us from the beginning. It took the Surgeon General months to recant his statements about not buying masks because they don’t help eliminate virus spread. Today, he is all over cable news and TV imploring us to wear masks. Swearing that they will save lives. Sorry Dr. Davis. Your inconsistency and failure to be straight with the public has landed you on the superspreader list.

So as we charge into the new year, please remember a few things. First, never in human history has any nation “crushed” or stopped a virus. Then, you are your best advisor. Assess your own risk tolerance and act accordingly. You are a grown adult, act like one. Finally, here are some stats to help you along. According to the CDC, this “Pandemic” has infected only 5% of our population, has a 99.4% recovery rate, and the average number of comorbidities in counted COVID deaths stands at 2.9. There ya go. Follow the science.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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