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Hillary Continues To Peddle Conspiracy Theories.

Hillary Clinton continues to be a sore loser.

She just can't over losing the 2016 election. An election she tried to rig by hiring a former British spy to slander President Donald Trump. Clinton's campaign and the DNC hired Christopher Steele to do 'opposition research' on Trump. That 'opposition research' became known as the Russian Dossier. It's a document filled with lies. Lies Clinton continues to peddle over four years later in a conversation with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Listen to this clip.

In this interview, Clinton says Trump 'disdains democracy,' adding she 'hopes we find out' who Trump is 'beholden to.' She even asks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if Congress should create a 9/11-style commission to look into Trump's alleged Russian ties.

Of course, Pelosi says yes.

As a presidential candidate, it was Clinton's lies leaked to the media that caused the Russia narrative to begin with. All because she was trying to hide the fact she violated U.S. law using a private email server to store her emails while serving as Secretary of State while enriching the Clinton foundation.

The 9/11-type commission should be appointed to find those 30,000 missing emails.

Pelosi adds with Trump, 'all roads lead to Putin.' The Speaker of the House continues, 'I don't know what Putin has on (Trump) politically, financially or personally.'

After four years of looking, they've found nothing. Yet they both continue to lie and spout DemAnon conspiracy theories.

It was the fake Russian dossier that led to a special counsel investigation. One that took almost two years and over $30 million dollars to complete. The special counsel investigation found nothing.

That didn't stop Speaker Pelosi from leading two impeachment hearings against President Trump, both on factually questionable premises. The first impeachment happened because of the fake Russian Dossier. The same dossier the FBI used in secret court warrants to spy on President Trump's campaign.

The second part of the 9/11-type commission should investigate the FBI's abuse of power as well as Pelosi's abuse of her office.

The House ended up impeaching President Trump over a call to Ukraine, not Russia. Not one Democrat mentioned Trump's impeachment during the 2020 campaign because it was an abject failure based on a lie.

The second impeachment was rushed claiming Trump incited the Capitol riots. Yet, the FBI had intel the breach was planned well before Trump spoke on January 6th.

Nazi Joseph Goebbels once said, 'if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.'

Trump's ties to Russia have been a lie from the beginning, a political tactic to cover up Clinton and other Democrat failures. It's a lie Democrats like Clinton and Pelosi continue to sell the American people to this day without any shred of proof. Their lack of proof does prove one thing. It's not Trump who has disdain for Democracy as Clinton suggests, it's Pelosi and her that do.

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