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OD Deaths Way Up During The Pandemic.

There are unforeseen consequences to locking down cities, counties, and states. Consequences that don't show up in COVID death counts championed by CNN and the other corporate news media. But, these are deaths just the same.

Overdose deaths.

In Maricopa County, Arizona those deaths sadly increased tremendously last year.

Author (and former New York Times journalist) Alex Berenson has been following scare tactics used by both media and government officials as he's opposed lockdowns. Berenson has been worried about the dark consequences of them.

Consequences like forcing people out of work, forcing people to stay inside and isolated, and not providing a plan for people to deal with the mental health challenges associated with these government decisions.

On Twitter, Berenson is digging into newly released data showing overdose deaths up at least 700 in Maricopa County alone with another 550 to be investigated.

Remember, the media kept an up to the minute COVID death count on their screens all year long yet have barely scratched the surface to show the increase in overdose deaths, suicides, increases in both domestic and child abuse cases as well as increased homicide rates in most major cities.

During the pandemic, the media sided with the Gavin Newsom's and Gretchen Whitmer's of the world advocating for these stringent measures limiting freedoms and economic activities under the promise of 'saving lives.'

What about the lives lost to overdose, mental illness, or violence?

They didn't care. They were too busy blaming President Trump for all the COVID deaths. These new overdose numbers should cause both elected officials and the corporate news media to reexamine their role in this pandemic.

We aren't holding our breath.

Meanwhile, the cost of on-going lockdowns/business restrictions could be more dangerous than COVID. One economic analysis suggests lockdowns could cost more lives overall than this virus because of long-term unemployment. Long-term unemployment that could impact minorities the most.

Notice how little media and political coverage that report received.

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