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John Kerry Admits Climate Change Moves Means Nothing.

Seven days into his administration Joe Biden is solving climate change. President Biden signed several more executive orders that will kill thousands of energy sector jobs in favor of government investments (with your money) in 'green tech.'

Biden is bringing out the big guns to run the climate change program. John Kerry.

Yup. He's back.

Kerry is all gung-ho saying, 'the science tells us we have to' fight climate change. Back to 'follow the science.' Great.

Except Kerry admitted to this scientific nugget. 'We (the US) could go to zero tomorrow and the problem isn’t solved.'

Oh. So, why make these moves?

Symbolism. And emotions.

These moves make voters feel good.

In fact, the United States' share of global carbon emissions has dropped since the Paris Climate Agreement was signed in 2015. At the time, America was spitting out almost 18% of the world's emissions. In early 2021 that percentage has dropped to 14.

That includes 4-years of President Donald Trump and more oil and gas drilling.

On the other hand, China's carbon emissions continue to grow. In 2015 China, already the world's biggest polluter was responsible for 20% of the world's emissions. Now, the world's most populated country is up to 30%.

Following the science will tell us that emission levels in the US are trending in the right direction and have been since 2005. All while China is not taking climate change seriously even as their major population centers suffer from months of barely breathable air.

So, it's not really about 'following the science.' It's about, 'look, we're doing something' and about getting more votes.

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