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Telling. VP Harris Already Taking Calls With World Leaders.

Less than one month in and we are getting a truer picture of the Biden administration's inner workings. It appears President Biden isn't doing that much work. The Presidency after all is lauded as the most difficult, most stressful job in the world.

We suspect he can't keep up with the rigors of being President. The administration can't cover it up forever.

Biden is doling out major responsibilities to his Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris has already spoken with two foreign heads of state so far in the first four weeks. First, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Second, French President Emmanuel Macron. Both were conversations on behalf of the President and these calls are a job typically reserved for POTUS.

These calls come after President Biden said he spent 'two hours' on the phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping. It's as if Biden dropped 'two hours' casually into the conversation to get us to think he's working hard in the Oval Office.

Through the first four weeks, White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki has been the voice of the administration, not Biden as his public appearances have been minimal.

Psaki admitted last week she suspended deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo without telling Biden. The suspension came after Ducklo told a reporter he would destroy her career. Ducklo has since resigned, seemingly without Biden's involvement.

Biden is too busy putting logs in the Oval Office fire.

The country has nothing to worry about, the President is pretty good at Mario Kart.

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