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Media: Everything Wrong With COVID Is Your Fault.

Not getting the COVID vaccine? You must be a Republican. And you are going to be responsible for prolonging the pandemic. That's what the Washington Post believes.

While other groups have also been wary about the shots, for instance, communities of color, polling shows that hesitancy has started to wane while GOP resistance to the vaccines remains relatively high. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll released last month found that 28 percent of Republicans said they would “definitely not” get vaccinated, and another 18 percent said they would “wait and see” before getting a shot. As a result, millions of Republicans could remain unvaccinated, a potential roadblock to efforts to achieve the high levels of immunity needed to stop the virus in the United States — an irony that isn’t lost on Trump officials who worked to end the pandemic.

Here's another common theme the media has displayed for the past year, their ability to shame. Shame goes a long way to get people to give in to public pressure. For example, millions of Americans don't believe masks are the panacea Dr. Fauci and others pretend they are, but they wear them in the store because it's not worth getting into an argument about it.

Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini got in on the shame game, calling you a selfish dolt if you don't get the vaccine.

So much for freedom.

Not just the freedom to choose what you want to put into your own body, but the freedom to ask questions about the COVID vaccine or anything else for that matter. Not all who don't want the vaccine believe there's a vast conspiracy behind it, nor are they all anti-vaxxers.

Some just have questions about this vaccine as it's a brand new technology.

Some have already had COVID and wonder if they need it.

Some aren't sure if this is going to be a 'vaccine' that needs to be updated every year.

Some say, 'my body, my choice.'

Some doctors are telling patients they won't be taking the COVID vaccine.

And the media isn't interested in the debate surrounding it. Instead, they resort to the same media tactics that have become too common, shame and fear. They'll try and shame people into compliance by calling you a 'selfish dolt,' or they will try and scare you into compliance by blaming you for the pandemic.

The media doesn't seem interested in conversations about health, obesity, or pre-existing conditions. Or conversations about boosting your immune system with supplements, getting outdoors, or exercise. Nope, just fear and shame. This also comes after four years when the media complained President Donald Trump was attempting to become an authoritarian dictator. Now, it's the media trying to dictate what you should do. That's authoritarian.

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