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Ducey Lifts COVID Restrictions

On Thursday, Governor Doug Ducey lifted COVID restrictions that have been in place for around a year as the state reported the lowest number of daily COVID cases since September of last year.

The nanny state has been (partially) lifted.

You are now responsible for yourself. You are responsible for making your own decisions, Ducey is no longer going to take care of you. Make your decisions wisely.

We trust in freedom and we trust in you.

In a statement, Ducey saying there have been '10 weeks of declining cases' and over 3 million doses of the COVID vaccine administered. Over 1.9 million Arizonans have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Ducey's office added:

  • Business guidances will 'transition from requirements to recommendations.' This means each business can determine if they want to continue to require masks and social distancing.
  • There will be no longer restrictions on event sizes anymore. Up until now events larger than 50 people needed local government approval.
  • Bars are no longer have capacity restrictions.

Arizona's big city mayors and the local newspaper is freaking out. From Elvia Diaz:

Personal responsibility isn't enough

I could give that to the governor. Businesses are hurting. Employees are desperate to go back to work. And people generally are ready to leave their homes.

But it’s unconscionable that businesses will no longer be required to ensure customers wear a mask.

That’s just crazy, given that only a fraction of the population has been fully vaccinated and that the deadly virus is still spreading.

You can wear a mask anywhere you want. No one is going to stop you. If that's what makes you feel comfortable, keep wearing your mask.

Columnists like Diaz are afraid of freedom. That's why they continue to call for the government to tell you what to do. These restrictions haven't really slowed the spread of the virus and quite frankly there's no way to prove what would have happened without them. Restrictions that some medical professionals say we will look back on with regret when we finally realize government closures were the worst possible health decision to make.

We have access to the most amount of information in human history. This allows us all to make the best decisions for ourselves. Imagine that.

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