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MLB Caves To Left. Moves All-Star Game.

Major League Baseball has caved to the pressure.

The pressure came from politicians and social media users who are unhappy with Georgia's new election law. Through unrelenting lies, hashtag campaigns, and media manipulation politicians and 'activists' were quick to identify Georgia-based companies attempting to get them to speak out against the 'Election Integrity Act of 2021.'

President Biden called the law, 'Jim Crow on steroids.' White House Press Spokeswoman Jen Psaki repeated the lie that polls are going to be closed in Georgia at 5PM. Others doubled down saying 'volunteers' can't hand out water to people waiting in line to vote.

Coca-Cola and Delta spoke out against the law to create distance from the heat of those lies.

Now, MLB is doing the same moving the All-Star game from the city of Atlanta. Here's their statement.

Now, the city of Atlanta and baseball fans there are being punished because Major League Baseball caved to 'wokeness.' MLB's decision makes zero sense as the Atlanta Braves pointed out in their statement.

What we are witnessing in Georgia, about their new election law, is exactly what happens in authoritarian countries. Use lies to spread misinformation. Use those same lies to create outrage. Blast those that oppose you. Put pressure on companies by threatening boycotts if they don't speak out. When these companies speak out it only exacerbates those lies.

Classic manipulation for power. Remember, 'power reveals' and this is a revealing attempt to consolidate all power into 'woke' hands.

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