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Charges Dropped Against Veteran Who Stayed Open During COVID.

The United States Marine Corps prides itself on being ‘first in the fight.’ Only the bravest among us volunteer as, as the Declaration of Independence says, we attempt to create a more perfect Union.

This Declaration is why Marines are willing to defend ‘These United States’ anywhere on Earth.

Iraq. Afghanistan. Vietnam. Korea. Japan. France. Italy. Germany.

Everywhere. First in the fight.

For Former Marine Jeff Mahaffey the fight was too close to home. Mahaffey owns Self Made Training Facility in Arizona. It was one of the facilities the government attempted to shut down via emergency government orders. 

Mahaffey refused to comply. He’s a former Marine. But, once a Marine, always a Marine. First in the fight. 

These elite soldiers have red, white, and blue encoded into their DNA. Freedom isn’t just in their blood. Freedom is their blood, pumping through their veins to give them life which in turn keeps giving our country life.

They sweat for freedom. Bleed for it. Charge ahead for it. Lost their lives for freedom, the worthiest cause of all.

Freedom for all men and women to be free from oppression. Freedom that every generation of Marines has fought for, including Mahaffey.

We send them off to fight our enemies first. Tie ribbons to trees while they are facing potential death. Americans say the right things but ultimately take our Marines for granted. 

Though our very freedoms depend on Marines.

Freedoms quilled into our founding documents.

During COVID, it was the freedom for some to make a living and the freedom to work on your health during a pandemic that was being taken away because gyms, restaurants, and other businesses were closed by government decree. 

That’s exactly why freedoms are written into our country’s founding documents. Because governments throughout history, including the King of England, have a habit of oppressing freedoms depriving a free people of their vote, say, and money

During COVID the government granted themselves sweeping, overlordian powers with the ability to close businesses on a whim.

Marine Jeff Mahaffey recognized how states of emergencies were being used by those in power. 

Power so broad little to no proof of danger was required for government action. That, in and of itself, unconstitutional. The United States Constitution establishes a standard that one must always be innocent until proven guilty. 

Mahaffey and several other businesses were denied this basic right when they and he were shut down with zero evidence of guilt.

When a government exercises its power against its citizens this way, this Marine did as he was trained, he was first in the fight.

Mahaffey was harassed. He was called names. The government bullied him. His resolve and courage were tested as Mahaffey faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and several years in prison. Yet Mahaffey stood tall. 

Watch Jeff explain what happened after he left court yesterday (caution, he uses adult language).

On Wednesday, the charges against him were officially dropped. This after the state made Mahaffey show up to court 7 times. Each time the state asked for a delay. Each time those delays were granted. 

The government bullying continued. Until Wednesday. 

Thankfully Jeff Mahaffey won this round because he had the courage to stand up. Because he stood up, Americans won this round too. 

But, we can’t continue to let him stand alone especially since the ideological battlefield is right here at home in the very country that rebelled against similar overreach 245 years ago.

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