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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Warns You May Kill Grannie.

The brash audacity of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is endless.

Just over a year after the tough-talking blowhard ordered patients infected with COVID back into their nursing homes where the virus spread with wildfire, leading to an increase in deaths, Cuomo is now lecturing younger New Yorkers to get vaccinated.

He says it's your, 'civic duty.' If not, your family will pay the consequences.

Cuomo continues to turn you into a weapon. Now getting vaccinated he says could kill your grandmother. Watch.

From the New York Post:

A February analysis of data by the nonprofit Empire Center for Public Policy found that “several hundred and possibly more than 1,000” fatalities from the virus in nursing homes in the state could be tied to the policy — despite the Cuomo administration insisting it was not a “significant factor” in the toll. 

This, in addition to the sexual harassment allegations being lobbed at him by several women, which the media has gone back to ignoring.

This just means Cuomo must truly believe he's untouchable.

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