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No Dancing At D.C. Weddings.

'Now you can host a wedding in Washington, D.C.' says D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

She's peddling that line as an alternative headline to her new restrictive rules. Weddings and other one-time events aren't going to be quite as fun.

No dancing is allowed.

No standing is allowed.

Watch Bowser try and spin her latest authoritarian measures.

'Standing and dancing during receptions are not allowed,' reads the new city order. As the Washington Post notes, 'The prohibition means no line dancing, no father-daughter dance and no mingling at cocktail hour, leaving a conga line of brides, grooms and assorted guests of honor in limbo.'

The only limbo should be the political limbo Bowser, Michigan Governor Whitmer, New York Governor Cuomo, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, and others are engaged in.

Seriously, when can we stop with the nonsense?

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