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The Media Parrots Democrats.

Today, Karine Jean-Pierre hosted the daily White House press briefing.

The White House and the media are attempting to make this a historic event. Why? Because the first Black woman to host the White House press briefing worked under Republican President George H.W. Bush. Her name was Judy Smith. It happened in 1991.

This is par for the course for Democrats.

They have already redefined 'bipartisan' to mean as long as one Republican in the entire country supports our infrastructure bill it is bipartisan. It used to mean elected members of both parties had to be on board for it to be considered that. Not anymore. Speaking of infrastructure, Democrats have changed that definition as well. For decades infrastructure used to mean roads, bridges, and airports. Now, it's whatever Democrats can jam into a bill. Things like childcare.

Today, the White House is changing the definition of the word historic.

It's easy to see why. This is the reality show of politics. Historic is being used by Democrats so they can appear to be the party of diversity. And they let you know they are the party of diversity every single day. Who brags about being diverse? The Democrats. Psychologists often say bragging is very revealing. Bragging happens when 'the boaster needs to showcase his/her accomplishments. The sense of inferiority at the heart of constant recitation of their great lifestyle, elite education, or genius children’s achievements are attempts to convince themselves that they are ok.'

They are insecure about their own wokeness. If you aren't woke enough, there will be attempts to cancel you or bring you down on social media. So both the Democrats and the media are showcasing their own wokeness in hopes of avoiding the social media mob.

Watch Mr. Crime bill himself, President Biden bragged about how diverse his cabinet is here.

He's said he was going to pick a female running mate. He did. Biden has also said he will nominate a Black woman to be a Supreme Court justice should he get the chance to nominate one.

He's so woke.

This is all a game. A game to win votes. A game to get America to believe they are being inclusive. The problem is, evidenced today, they are overselling the point and the media is following the suit. This is why conservatives know the media has a massive liberal bias. Look at these tweets. First, from White House Chief of Staff and White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Next, the media using almost the same exact language as the White House.

Bottom line, it's fantastic Karine Jean-Pierre hosted today's White House Press Briefing. But, it's not by definition historic. Stop falling for this blatant attempt by the White House and the media to fool you into wokeness. True wokeness is leveling with the American people and delivering results something the Biden Administration will continue to struggle to do. Which is exactly they are trying to hit you in the feels.

As Public Enemy said, 'Don't Believe the Hype.'

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