Race To Wokeness. Rep. Tlaib & 'Environmental Racism.'

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and other members of the Squad have entered a race to 'wokeness.' So much so that Tlaib today attacked bankers because their banks financed 'environmental racism.' Yup. That's a thing now. All because banks financed things like oil refineries.


Environmental racism, she explains, 'the pre-existing health conditions that come from living in the backyard of corporate polluters financed by your banks.'

The health impacts of living near refineries and other pollutants are certainly worth exploring. The EPA says on their website, 'more investigation is needed to further understand the role poor air quality plays in causing detrimental effects to health and increased disease, especially in vulnerable populations.' But, as usual, Tlaib's approach is wrong. It's performative and meant to get headlines. That's it.

Tlaib is making a show of it to look woke to her constituents.

So if these refineries are built already, now what? Dismantle them and increase energy costs? Help people move out of those neighborhoods? Or just attack big evil banks? For Tlaib, the solution is about whatever makes her look the best.