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Biden Only Wants To Talk About Happy Things.

President Joe Biden continues to fake his way through his presidency.

On Friday, Biden pretended he's saving the American economy one year after the government shut down a good portion of the nation. So he trotted out to a podium at the White House to tell you his administration has created the most amount of jobs in history.


While up there faking the funk, reporters wanted to ask the Commander-in-Chief about the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan which was completed today as troops left our last base there.

But, Biden wasn't having it. Instead, he told reporters he wanted to talk about, 'happy things.'

The message there is simple: don't challenge me and don't go off-script.

See, it's all pomp and circumstance at this White House. They will only talk about things they think will make them look good. Clearly, the job numbers were going to rebound because things are continuing to open back up as more and more Americans feel confident enough to go out. More business equals more jobs. Additionally, several states have ended extended unemployment benefits forcing people to get back to work.

There's also something else hidden in the job numbers. 23% of the jobs added in June were government jobs. How many of these jobs were furloughed employees returning back to work?

This is like saying we've seen a 90% increase in foot traffic in our business because ten people were in the store after months of only allowing one customer in the store at a time during the pandemic. The pandemic brought forth so many restrictions there was only one way for the economy to go once businesses were allowed to operate at full capacity. Up.

Deep down we all know Biden is up there telling fairy tales. Even Democrats know it. That's why they are pressing so hard on the issue and talking about the economy as often as possible because it's 'happy things.'

And there is no pep in his step to aid in his storytelling abilities.

That shows when he's challenged about a major issue. Watch.

This is the President of the United States who doesn't want to talk about Afghanistan after he ordered the withdrawal of all American Forces there.

Apparently, Biden doesn't think that's a 'happy thing.'

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