Biden: Facebook Is Killing People

President Joe Biden and the White House are going all in to blame Facebook as the COVID pandemic continues as cases are on the rise. Biden and spokeswoman Jen 'Um' Psaki are blaming COVID deaths on misinformation.


Additionally, the White House is shifting its language saying this is now a pandemic for the unvaccinated. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky saying that on Friday. Statistician Nate Silver adding this:

However, there is a significant amount of breakthrough cases being reported across the country and the world. Breakthrough cases are when fully vaccinated people contract COVID. In Massachusetts, for example, health officials are reporting 4,450 breakthrough cases. Of those 4,450, 303 have required hospitalization (about 7%), and 79 fully vaccinated people have died.

In Israel, their Ministry of Health is reporting more COVID cases amongst fully vaccinated people than unvaccinated people for the week of June 27th - July 3rd.

This isn't misinformation.

It's information that requires more analysis. This White House seems hellbent on ignoring this data though. Which is another form of misinformation.

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