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Cardinals DeAndre Hopkins Pondering Retirement Over NFL Vaccine Mandate.

The National Football League is attempting to get as many players vaccinated as possible. And they are running into some pushback.

Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins made it known today on Twitter he doesn't want to get the COVID shot.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Hopkins quickly deleted the tweet. But, not before we were able to capture a screenshot.

The NFL wants all players to be vaccinated so they can protect its multi-billion dollar industry. They are trying to avoid having to cancel or reschedule games because of a COVID outbreak. Hopkins, one of the league's best wide receivers, shared in another tweet he's worried about potential side effects from the shots.

Ironically, the NFL was the only league that didn't alter their schedule because of COVID. The NBA played in a bubble. MLB played a shortened season. The NFL gave us a full schedule. If there was a COVID outbreak on a team, the league worked hard to reschedule that game.

This year the league is thinking about making teams forfeit games that are impacted by a COVID outbreak. Hence Hopkins now deleted Tweet about hurting his team.

This is far from over as several athletes and others have defended Hopkins. Experts say, though, the league has a right to mandate vaccines because they are privately owned. But, at what cost? Seeing one of its stars walk away?

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