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Biden Leads Into Failure.

Word came out President Joe Biden was going to speak from the White House today. He did. But, not about the pressing matter unfolding in Afghanistan. Instead, the president of the United States avoided that issue altogether and talked about the need for masking in schools, companies to require their employees to get vaccinated, and a third COVID 'booster' shot.

Another tragic mistake by this White House.

Afghanistan collapsed in 11 days. 11. The White House left 15,000 Americans behind to fend for themselves as one of the most brutal regimes in modern history took over. The White House doesn't have a plan to help get them out.

The withdrawal was Biden's decision. He did say that the other day and the 'buck stops' with him. He okayed the plan that left Americans behind. Biden okayed the plan that let millions of dollars of weapons, drones, and helicopters get into the Taliban's hands.

And he doesn't want to talk about it.

Instead of a full press conference where he would be forced to answer reporter's questions, Biden sent out Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley to fall on the sword. It may have been the worst display of incompetence we have seen from the Defense Department ever.

Biden did sit down for a one-on-one interview with former Clinton press secretary George Stephanaplous. Good Morning America has released this clip where you'll see Biden get testy.

In the interview, Biden continued to blame the Afghan president for fleeing and the Afghani armed forces for abandoning their posts for this epic collapse (even though the CIA warned about this scenario). POTUS also snaps at Stephapolous when the Good Morning America host questioned him about Afghanis falling off a C-17 transport plane taking off from the Kabul airport. Biden responds, 'that was four days ago, five ago.'

It was two days ago, Mr. President.

Biden also says he doesn't know how this outcome could have been avoided.

That might be the most honest answer you'll ever hear from President Biden. He's not equipped to make these important decisions.

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