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Biden Doesn't Know.

The cracks in the Biden White House continue to show.

Former presidential candidate John Kerry admitted President Joe Biden had no idea the French were ticked Biden sold submarines to Australia. The French withdrew their ambassador and canceled a bunch of events in a very public showing because France already had an existing deal to sell submarines to Australia.

Watch Kerry here.

On Russell & Hunter last week, Bill O'Reilly said he doesn't believe Biden can comprehend what's going on around him. The example above is just the latest. If Biden can't comprehend what people are telling him, it's going to lead to more costly mistakes.

Like risking a relationship with the French.

White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki attempted to defend Biden this way.

You aren't buying that, are you?

The bigger picture is now coming into focus. This is an administration run by a man who is having trouble making big decisions. When Biden withdrew all American troops from Afghanistan he ignored the advice of his military advisors and keep a force of 2,500 behind. We know the results of that. Disaster. The border is a disaster. The infrastructure negotiations are a disaster so far.

Biden is the opposite of Midas, who had the famous golden touch. That just makes us wonder which disaster will be next?

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