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Inflation. Border. COVID. And the National Gender Strategy.

There are a few things happening in America that should attract the attention of the president.

Tuesday we got word Thanksgiving is going to be the most expensive ever because of inflation. President Biden has been mostly silent on the issue. Two White House officials in press secretary Jen CondePsaki and treasury secretary Pete Buttigieg essentially tried to sell rapid price increases as a good thing. Mayor Pete said, "demand is up because income is up, because the president has successfully guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession."

See. You are paying more to fill your gas tank because Biden 'guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession.'

At the border, 1.66 million migrants were apprehended by the Border Patrol in the last fiscal year that ended on September 30. Biden remains silent.

There are thousands of migrants in Mexico right now headed towards the border. Why wouldn't they? They most likely will be let right into the US.

On COVID, the Biden administration won't admit the vaccines aren't holding up as strong as they had hoped. In Massachusetts, there are, on average, 490 breakthrough cases every day. Yet, Biden keeps on pushing his vaccine/testing mandate even as business groups are warning home thousands of people will quit their job. This will only hamper supply chains right in the time for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, the White House sent America a gift via Vice President Kamala Harris. Yes, she actually did something. Sort of.

Forget your Thanksgiving. Forget the rising price of gas. Forget COVID. We have a 'National Gender Strategy.'

Praise the Lord. That's exactly what we have been missing in this country since 1789.

The White House is simultaneously trying to appease their younger 'woke' base with a 'National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality,' while trying to convince us they are on top of the major issues that are having real, measurable impacts on people's lives.

Their problem is their strategy isn't working. Our problem is way are ending up paying for it.

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