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Democrats Will Stop At Nothing To Win Elections.

There's a potential upset brewing in Virginia's Governor's race. Democrat Terry McAuliffe is attempting to fend off a challenge from Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Youngkin has been canvassing the state, building his momentum ahead of Tuesday's election. At one stop in Charlottesville, VA five people showed up to stand outside of the Republican's bus to take pictures. They were wearing white shirts and khaki pants while holding tiki torches. These outfits were copies of the white supremacist outfits worn during a deadly rally there in 2017.

Clearly, this was a stunt by Democrats. One local reporter took to Twitter.

But, we soon found out one of these five is the financial director for Young VA Dems.

As The Post Millennial writes: After having allegations thrown against him, Camden Layton, the man identified, then locked all his social media as a response.

Alec Sears then identified the sole female member of the group as Colleen Wachenfeld. Her twitter originally stated that she is part of the Virginia Democrats.

Here is more proof Democrats will do anything to win. As if we are supposed to believe white supremacists are just going to roll up next to Youngkin's campaign bus and say, 'we're all in for Glenn.' The McAuliffe campaign loved it, almost as if they knew it was going to happen.

Remember this is the party that created a fake dossier about President Donald Trump in hopes Hillary Clinton would defeat him. The Democrats then made sure the media and the FBI got copies of this fake dossier. The FBI then lied so they could spy on Trump's campaign because many of the FBI brass were in the bag for Hillary.

Then there was 2020. Democrats gathered together and planned out how to use the pandemic to get more mail-in ballots in the hands of Democrat voters. They used state legislatures to change the laws to succeed in 2020 where they couldn't in 2016.

Wake up America.

Especially since the anti-Trump Lincoln Project is taking credit for this stunt.

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