ADA: Rittenhouse Can't Claim Self-Defense Because He Brought Gun

Kyle Rittenhouse prosecutor Thomas Binger is everything we don't like about government. He's smarmy. He's condescending. He loves his power. That has been on full display as Binger has bullied 18-year old Rittenhouse every chance he gets.

Binger took it to the next level during closing arguments. Watch.

Yes, the assistant district attorney in Kenosha, WI says your right to defend yourself ends when you carry a firearm. He thinks that about Rittenhouse. He thinks that about you.

We carry a firearm every single day. To Binger, that means we have lost our right to self-defense. He hates the Second Amendment and used his platform and all the media coverage that comes with it to attack your right to own a firearm.

Remember, Binger is a government official. One who uses his power and office to put people in jail. He's not the only one who has a communist dream of de-arming America. Hope you are paying attention.

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