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Biden Won't Apologize For Calling Rittenhouse White Supremacist.

Rule #1 of politics: blame something else.

Rule #2 of politics: nothing is ever my fault.

Just over a year ago, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden implied 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse was affiliated with a militia. Biden then insinuated he was a 'white supremacist.'

That was a Democrat campaign tactic, tie President Trump to white supremacy every day in every way. Notice Biden connects Rittenhouse to white supremacists through Trump using the word 'militia.' For many Democrats, militia means white supremacists. This is why Biden pivoted to Trump, saying, 'have you ever heard this President say one negative thing about white supremacists.'

What's worse, Rittenhouse didn't matter. He was collateral damage in Biden's quest for power.

Power is all that matters.

At the White House Tuesday there was a chance for spokeswoman Jen CondePsaki to clarify Rittenhouse is a white supremacist issue. She didn't.

Remember rule #1 and rule #2. Blame someone else. Trump. Nothing is ever Biden's fault. Sure.

Interestingly, for a group of Democrats who said they didn't like Trump's lies and his bombastic attitude, they are showing us those very same traits. The bottom line is we are experiencing a high level of lies, cognitive dissonance, and outright ridiculousness right now in American politics.

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