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Here's What Counts As COVID Deaths.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been keeping track of COVID deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. As of this writing, the CDC officially counts over 794,000 Americans as having died from COVID.

However, a look beneath the surface reveals thousands and thousands of deaths from all kinds of other reasons. Reasons like 'drowning and submersion while in bath-tub,' 'other and unspecified water transport accidents, unspecified watercraft,' and an entire section on falls.

740 people died of 'unspecified falls' according to this CDC data. But they are counted as 'COVID deaths' because they were positive for COVID. Apparently, a death from falling counts, or a traffic accident, or suicide have all been counted in the official death toll.

Look at the entire list here (we suggest you start around page 120).

This all comes as the omicron variant has become the center of the COVID conversation. Dr. Anthony Fauci can't tell you how many boosters you might need to be protected from COVID.

Here's been the problem. Anyone who has died 'with' COVID, no matter the cause of death, whether that be heart failure or 'contact with powered lawnmower,' has shaped the impression this virus is more deadly.

The death number has shaped public health policy and created talking points to drive fear throughout America.

We know who COVID harms most severely. This is a pandemic of the elderly, overweight, and those with several pre-existing health conditions. Public policy should be focused on protecting people who are in those categories. But, that would be too realistic. Politicians have elections to win and policy health officials like Fauci are enjoying their spotlight a little too much.

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