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Dr. Fauci And Dr. Collins Lied To You...To Protect Themselves.

If something starts as a lie or cover-up can you fully trust it? The answer is no. 

In Part 1 of You’re Being Lied To we examined the facts. After viewing SARS-CoV-2’s genetic sequence, at least three of the world’s leading virologists thought there was a 50-70% chance the virus that causes COVID-19 was created, either on purpose or accidentally, in a lab. Yet, after a February 1st call with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins the virologists suddenly changed their minds to favor the natural origin theory, going as far as publishing the natural origin theory as the only realistic option in two prominent medical publications.

Without proof.

As documented, Collins, the head of the NIH, preferred the virus derived from nature theory. 

Those are facts.

In journalism school, the professors teach you to deal with facts. Who. What. When. Where. How. J-school (as it’s called) graduates are trained that way. At least it was this way between ‘96 and ‘00 at Emerson College when I was there. 

Investigative journalism takes the profession to the next level. We investigate facts, look for patterns, and try to put as much of the puzzle together as possible. COVID-19 is a 50,000-piece puzzle. It’s the first pandemic in 100 years. It is possible this is a man-made virus. And we’ve already seen the science bureaucracy avoid discussing that possibility. 

It’s Self-Evident that We The People have a right to know whether a virus that caused a global disruption was made in a lab, either on purpose or by accident. Almost everyone on Earth’s life has been impacted by the decisions power structures (governments) have made. 

Because if this is true, we, like Harry Dunn says in Dumb & Dumber"we gotta have a serious talk" about the risks and rewards of experimenting with viruses. Risk. Pandemic. Reward? Hard to see one here given the past two years. 

Part of this COVID puzzle is about the complexity of humanity, about what humans do when the stakes are high, and about what some human beings will do to protect their reputations. This is a puzzle that includes the self-survival instinct we all have. And ultimately, how that self-survival instinct may have led to this pandemic. 

In 2011, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins, in their positions at the top of the US public health apparatus, advocated in The Washington Post for public funding for gain of function research. This is cutting-edge science, putting scientists on the cusp of major discoveries. Something meaningful. Something that could benefit all of humanity by advancing knowledge about viruses and potential treatments for them. 

Imagine if scientists learned how to cure all illnesses? Certainly, this is a noble goal to strive for. A life free from the risk of death from disease. The only way to achieve that is by researching. But, are we ready for this type of research? How secure would this research be? Who is advanced enough to conduct such risky research? What if it gets into the wrong hands? 


Potentially high risk, with potentially a high reward. Gain of function research is groundbreaking science. It’s easy to see the appeal as there’s a chance to get written into history books like Newton, Currie, and Edison.

And Fauci and Collins wanted to fund it with your tax dollars. By 2014, their organizations, the NIAH and NIH, started funding gain of function research. Overall, these organizations have awarded billions of taxpayer dollars as research grants. Some of it has and will save lives. 

There’s no denying the potential upside of doing advanced scientific research. Get it right, get credit. Get it wrong, release a virus, go down in history in a much different way.

Reputations are at stake. Risk/reward. 

Some of your taxpayer money from Collins’ National Institutes of Health made its way to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) through the EcoHealth Alliance. EcoHealth Alliance was run by Peter Daszak. Daszak was also one of the original natural origin authors, pushing the media as far away from the lab leak idea as possible. 

Wuhan is where COVID began. The first theory was a wet market that is only a couple of miles from the WIV. That’s an important puzzle piece. 

Daszak, Collins, Fauci, and the rest of the bureaucracy acted quickly to create a natural origin theory narrative. That, too, is an important puzzle piece. 

Adding another piece, China wouldn’t let anyone go near the WIV, the same lab where gain of function research was being conducted. 

So we have a connection. Collins sends money to Daszak who sends money to the WIV to do this advanced research in an insecure lab. This connection was largely ignored by most of the media.

There are enough puzzle pieces here for journalists to start asking questions. 


The media trust the elites in 'The Science' bureaucracy. Journalism has changed that way. There’s less investigating, more reaction. Journalism is in a rush. Old school journalism is the opposite. There was more time, fewer newscasts, more in-depth reporting, and writing. And there was cynicism and skepticism. There was an expectation the government and the elites in high positions were always spinning stories and bending the truth about them. Politicians and elites spin the story towards them if it makes them look good, away from them if it makes them look bad.  

Fauci and Collins knew the media trusted them and they exploited it to benefit their reputations, so no one would talk as if the pandemic was their fault. Instead, they wanted to be the COVID heroes. It’s easy to fall into that trap given their positions. But, they could only be trusted and seen as heroes if the lab leak theory went away. So they spun the story, creating a narrative by fooling the media by publishing the natural origin theory in prominent medical journals. This allowed the media to label anyone who wanted to investigate the possibility this virus was created in a lab as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ 

A classic defense mechanism. Control the narrative. Discount the other theory, in this case, the lab origin, by taking all the wind out of the sails. Then, label it as a conspiracy. Use your elite status and whatever platforms you have to sell — propagandize — the narrative. Publish something in a leading scientific journal — whatever ‘leading’ means in this context. In reality, ‘leading’ is something the science industrial complex uses to build credibility. They do this by controlling the information, another classic trick that has been used by every power structure in human history. 

Journalists respect those at the top. Time has proven though, those at the top aren’t always correct. Hence why there have been so many heretics, labeled as such by the elite. Heretics are those who don’t believe in orthodoxy and therefore become permanent OutKasts. We live in what I’ll call a fit-in era driven by likes and views where millions of people want to prove they fit in. The right tweet or video can make you famous. Or infamous. The worst moment of your life could be filmed, uploaded by someone else without your permission, and stay with you forever. 

Talk about stress. 

Ordinary people are thrown into the national debate, become fodder for cable news and talk shows. Point is, the stakes are high. Since everyone has the ability to post their thoughts and opinions, reputations are always at risk. Fauci and Collins wanted to avoid becoming Public Enemy Number One so they used scientific journals like The Lancet to influence newspapers, cable news, and talk shows to create the narrative of their choosing - the natural origin theory. 

Why would they lie? 

Their reputations were at risk. 

We know for a fact both Fauci and Collins supported the very research that may have created this pandemic. They knew it was at least possible this research could have caused this pandemic. So they acted to shut it down quickly. Lies are often told to protect the liars. Self-survival. The instinct every living thing is born with. 

So it’s a very real possibility they lied to control the narrative and to protect themselves.

Dr. Fauci has even admitted he was lying about masks. At the very beginning of the pandemic, before anything was shut down, Fauci said, “when you are in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.”

Wearing a mask might make people feel little better. He knew masks didn’t work. At least most masks. Cloth masks. The virus’ droplets are too small to be stopped by most masks. Fauci explained his ‘noble lie,’ as some journalists called it, by saying he wanted to make sure first responders had access to masks for the upcoming pandemic. The media explained it away saying Fauci’s ‘noble lie’ was for the greater good. 

The media helped Fauci control the narrative. Maybe they didn’t want to believe all the pain of the pandemic could have been caused by humans. 

I believe the noble lie was the lie. In other words, Fauci lied about lying. He always knew masks didn’t work, but later lied when recommending masks (probably to quell fear). Either way, whatever your belief about Fauci's lie, you can’t deny he admitted to lying to shape the narrative. If he lied once, he’ll lie again. 

Relationships built around lies aren’t solid relationships. Lies erode trust.

Fauci was clever, though. Admitting his lie, saying he was aiming to help doctors, nurses, and EMTs, solidified his hero status so much so that people are wearing Fauci shirts and ordering Fauci dolls, with one governor featuring her Fauci pillow in all her TV interviews.

This is how you control the narrative. Dismiss any possibility this came from a lab, lie, and then lie again. 


It kicks on automatically. Like a light on a timer. Sometimes you don’t even know it’s on. But, the instinct is always on. Survive. Whatever survival looks like to the individual. In this case, with Fauci and Collins, it could be survival of their stature, reputations, and missions. To make lives better for future generations. Noble goals. 

But those noble goals come with great risk. Hence noble lies.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins should be asked if they would still endorse gain of function research if it turns out, this global pandemic stemmed from a lab. 

Now, I’m not suggesting the lab leak theory is true. Honestly, I don’t know. But, I want to know if it was leaked from a lab. Shouldn’t we all want the truth considering the impacts this virus has had on the entire world? 

In Men In Black, Agent K and J have a conversation after J found out extraterrestrial life exists. J asks, "why the big secret? People are smart, they can handle it." Agent K responds, "a person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."

Hide the truth. Or create the ‘truth.’ It’s for our own good, the greater good. Sounds familiar, maybe like a noble lie? The emails shown in part 1, prove the science industrial complex didn’t want anyone to even consider the possibility of the lab origin theory even as they were debating it internally. 

High stakes. Collins and Fauci control the largest amount of scientific research money in the world. And if that money was used for this…

They go down in history — as causing the first man-made pandemic. Exploration always comes with risks. We are exploring the field of science all the time. Poking holes in existing theory to learn more about ourselves. This is the risk of exploration. 

A pandemic. 

It used to be that we carried our native diseases with us as we explored the world. Now, it’s possible our exploration of science has caused the very same thing. Death. Death, the ultimate risk of exploration. Ask a test pilot. 

That’s why we deserve to know. Because even if COVID-19 is proven to be of natural origin, there will always be a chance a man-made pandemic will occur in the future so long as we experiment with viruses. 

As City Journal points out, there may very well be proof to come proving the natural theory. But, that evidence hasn’t been presented yet. 

Fauci and Collins' needs came before yours. It’s the most innate part of all of us. Survival isn’t always literal life and death. It’s also tied to professional life and death.  

Survive…or die. Oddly, it’s the same thing SARS-CoV-2 is doing.

It would be incredibly damaging to the entire scientific community if we knew COVID-19, which is responsible for millions of deaths, was engineered in a lab. Collins didn’t even want that to be questioned. 

There’s too much at stake.

So Collins acted fast to control the narrative. China did the same thing. Their reputation is at stake, too. China’s goal is a world ruled through order, attempting to prove that their form of communism is the way of the future. 

They don’t just want to be a Superpower, they want to be the SuperPower, the only one in the world. To do that China would have to be the leader in technology, military, and science research. Right now, America leads the world. 

China presents itself on the same level. 

Unless the virus did leak from a lab in Wuhan. If that were true, they caused the pandemic and China’s reputation would forever be tied to a three+ year pandemic. A pandemic that caused chain reaction after chain reaction, unlike anything the world had ever seen. 

Clearly, they too, like Fauci and Collins, have the incentive to cover up the lab origin theory. COVID19 could be the first man-made pandemic in human history. Imagine that tied to your reputation. 

Another puzzle piece. 

China, ruling with order, isn’t afraid to shut down cities with millions of residents keeping them confined to their homes. China is bold because they know no one wants to mess with them, proven by the world’s acceptance one million Uyghur Muslims are locked up in forced labor camps.

American companies want in. China has 1.4 billion potential customers. Access comes with a cost. Ask Sri Lanka. Control the narrative. Control the people with brutal force. Control is the opposite of freedom.

To me, that’s telling. It’s not proof, certainly. But, we do know Chinese researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology have manipulated other viruses in the past, other coronaviruses. We do know safety and security have been a concern at the WIV for years. More puzzle pieces.

Whether my theory is true or not will take time to sort out. But, it is true they did lie to you. It’s true they have worked overtime to control the narrative. From there they attempted to control the pandemic response. Their control divided us into groups. Mask or no mask. Vaccinated or unvaccinated. There is always resistance to control. 

Gen-X’ers like me grew up listening to Rage Against the Machine. This is the machine in full action. Because they weren’t honest and because they tried to control the pandemic by impacting our lives, shutting down businesses, causing inflation, millions of people have lost faith in their leadership. In a time when we need it most. 

Instead, science and pride caused the freest nations on Earth to flirt with and resort to authoritarian measures. Again, agree or not, that’s what happened. I’m not arguing right or wrong, though I’m firmly on the side of freedom. Freedom comes with risk. 

America has been built around risk. Risk of exploration to cross an ocean on a journey only a few had done before. Risk to take on an Empire. Risk to put a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth. Those risks created more safety for all of us, though exploration hasn’t been risk-free. Exploration has brought people and diseases around the world, causing chaotic collisions. Those risks have allowed many Americans to live lives impossible to even imagine 100 years ago. It’s quite comfortable. 

Comfort is anti-risk. 

Maybe that’s why so many are comfortable not knowing the truth. Maybe we are just as Agent K in Men in Black says. 

"People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."

As cynical as I am, I still don’t believe that. I believe we are mostly rational, thoughtful human beings. I believe we can learn the truth, discuss the risks, and figure out a better way forward. When rationality wins over passions, we’ll end up better off not giving into the ups and downs of our emotions. That’s how you achieve true justice, true equality. With trust. 

Trust starts with the truth. Today is a great day to start. We’re prepared for anything because of this lack of trust. Some of us are cynical. You can tell I am. We’ve been lied to. We’ve been manipulated. Who can deny the elites formed the COVID-19 narrative? Whether you agree with it or not. They’ve gotten plenty wrong. Almost all of it. They’ve made promises they couldn’t keep. That’s always a let down causing further erosion of trust.

Regardless of which COVID origin theory turns out to be true, the truth is we were lied to. Lies are a choice. A deliberate choice that caused a loss of trust and a loss of stature for our country. Not just in its scientific ability, but as the beacon of freedom. Those in powerful positions acted to protect themselves and their reputations first. They chose that path over protecting you and telling you the truth. Because of this, no doubt, freedom’s light has been dimmed through this pandemic. America has been shaken. 

It is now Self-Evident that it is our job, as We The People, to brighten the light of freedom together, restoring belief in each other, in this country, and in freedom. It’s united in trust in a country sworn to protect those freedoms which are supposed to be protected by government, those freedoms endowed upon us by our Creator.

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