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The Dictator.

“It’s time,” the dictator said as he ordered the invasion of a neighboring country. This country, he reasoned, was part of the homeland. His homeland. The country he has worked tirelessly to return to its glory days. 

“This is for all of us,” the dictator added. 

The dictator is 69. But, he doesn’t feel it. He’s in better shape than 99% of others his age. He needs to stay that way so he can be on top of his game. He has been running his country for over two decades. 

Under his rule, the economy has grown and oil and gas exports are way up. Their military is strong, equipped with nuclear missiles and other state-of-the-art destruction technology. For him, it’s proof he’s the only one strong enough to lead the country. 

He believes he’s its rightful leader. That’s why ordering the invasion, knowing thousands may die, was easy. People are capable of justifying anything to themselves. All it takes is a belief. The dictator certainly believed.

In himself. Fortune favors the bold. 

He rose up through his country's spy agency, excelling there. This is where he learned to believe in himself. He learned the tools of spycraft, deception, intelligence gathering, and interrogation. Skills he uses now to manipulate others' psychology. That’s how he’s held on to power for so long. 

The dictator has used spycraft skills to change the rules of his government, allowing him to stay in power. He even runs elections to make it look more legitimate. He wins every time. 

The people want him. That’s what he wants the world to think. In fact, he believes the people need him. Because he’s willing to do whatever it takes to restore this once great Republic. That’s what the people want. They won’t think the dictator, by ordering this invasion of a sovereign country, is acting in his own self-interest. He wants to be idolized for generations. He deserves to be idolized.

The dictator started formulating his plan to gain power when he was young. He was just out of law school, about to turn 23 when he joined the spy agency, learning quickly how to stand out. The dictator would tell you it comes down to three principles. 

First,” he’d say...

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