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The Biden Administration is Discounting Our Inflationary Pain

The US Department of Labor released inflation Junes numbers today and it was very bad news for the Biden administration. It was even worse news for we the people. An overall 9.1% month over month increase. Phoenix is still leading the nation with over 12%.

But the Biden ministration is neglecting the pain we-the-people feel every time we fill up our gas tanks. They are neglecting our pain every time we go to a grocery store. They are neglecting our pain every time we buy, well, anything!

You see, they are playing politics while we are forced to play real life.

All of the president's economic henchmen, including Vice President Kamala Harris, took to cable news today to give yet another excuse. Today’s excuse was that the labor departments number's were backwards looking meaning those were from a month ago.

This argument entirely ignores the pain we the people have been feeling with this hyperinflation. The message is, get over it! That was last month! Look what have we done for you today?

From being told that this inflation is transitory to Joe Biden claiming, in December, that inflation was at its peak to us being lied to by the administration about the cause of inflation, this has been one terrible excuse after another.

Meanwhile, you and I, we the people, are forced to just hold our noses in bear the cold water. We are the ones that are adjusting our budgets. We are the ones that are sacrificing. We are the ones that are feeling the pain.

The Biden ministration is completely ignoring that pain and playing in obnoxious game of CYA.


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