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Biden Lied People Died

President Joe Biden has been incredibly silent about ordering three unidentified objects shot out of the sky with $475,000 missilea. Now we know why.

The Pentagon says those objects were most likely 'benign.'

Meaning, the President ordered the US Air Force to take out an object that was not a threat to you. That's why Biden remains silent.

Because the truth is rather embarrassing.

Not just that. It showcases how Biden makes decisions.

He knew he blew it with the China balloon and shot everything else out of the sky.

Tough guy Joe is reactive, always worried about Corn Pop and his approval numbers.

Making political decisions like he did when the US left Afghanistan.

That country collapsed going back into the hands of the exact group America took it from 20 years ago to free the people of Afghanistan. Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal ended in disaster, 12 Marines and 1 Navy Corpsman were killed by a suicide bomber.

Biden was embarrassed.

So he reacted, ordering a missile strike. A missile strike that killed seven kids and three others.

Two were aide workers delivering water to those in need.

And the Pentagon lied. Notice the pattern.

Biden gets embarrassed, fires missiles.

The Pentagon lies and obscures the truth. Then the truth comes out.

No one is held accountable.

Turns out, the United States intelligence agencies were watching the Chinese spy balloon from the moment it left China. The Pentagon told us they didn't see it coming.

They lied.

Like they lied about killing those kids. The Pentagon initially framed their narrative as an 'active terror plot.'

Knowing the first narrative is the one that sticks. So that no one is held accountable when we stop looking.

Both the Pentagon and the White House lie because the truth exposes their decision making skills.

America needs steady leadership, regardless of party, not reactive missile launching.

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