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Biden's REAL Election Resume

Joe Biden kicks off his 2020 for reelection bid… With a video.

Today, Joe Biden released a video announcing his candidacy for reelection in 2024 with Kamala Harris by his side, and why not? This dynamic duo of do nothing has one heck of a record a run-on. Here are just a few highlights:

Joe Biden has taken our nation from energy independence to an empty strategic petroleum reserve and five dollar a gallon gas in under three years.

Joe Biden single-handedly pulled the rug out from all of our allies with his hasty and abysmal Afghanistan withdrawal. Costing the US and our allies billions in military weaponry, 13 military lives and nine civilian lives, countless deaths of Afghanis, who aided the United States at the hands of the Taliban. Still, no one has been held accountable for this haphazard and deadly withdrawal.

Joe Biden has welcomed 6 million migrants into our nation. This is not including the estimated 1.7 million got-aways. This is straining our economy, our education system, our healthcare system, our NGOs, and our nation’s security.

Joe Biden has ushered in a new era of wokeness beginning with his “historically diverse cabinet“. This focus on diversity and inclusion has drawn a divide in this nation as well as weekend its defenses. A Presidential cabinet staffed only on the credentials of skin color and sexual identity has placed each department on the wrong track.

Joe Biden’s defense record is indefensible. Iran drone killing one of our citizens, China, flying a spy balloon coast to coast over our military installations, and Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine costing US taxpayers $200 billion.

And it looks as if Joe is keeping Kamala Harris as his running mate. She’ll be running on an equally impressive record. Remember, Kamala Harris was appointed to be our borders are at the beginning of this administration. Her mission was to tackle the root causes of migration. By tackle she meant to throw tens of millions of your taxpayer dollars at three corrupt nations she called the northern train . Yet still 200,000 to 300,000 migrants cross our border each and every month.

When she is not uncontrollably cackling, to child actors, about space exploration, or electric school buses, the vice president passes the time appearing in interviews talking about her upcoming cookbook.

So good for you, Joe and Kamala. Way to make another go at it! After all, we are a nation of second chances. How many minorities that were locked up because of your crime bills that were given second chances. Asking for a friend.

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