Tower Station (Flagstaff) Named One Of The Hottest IPAs in US

One of the many things we do here at The Brewmance is rate and review beers. So we know a great beer when we find one. That's why we were excited to see Mother Road Brewing's Tower Station IPA on is on Thrilist's list:The 34 Hottest IPAs in America Right Now. Hand down, Tower Station is one of our favorites. Mother Road is the sole Arizona Brewery to make this list (The Brewmance doesn't agree with that assessment) which means this is an important accolade for one of Flagstaff's own breweries.

Here's what Thrilist wrote about Tower Station IPA:

Continuing in a tradition of Route 66-inspired beers, Mother Road Brewing has put its first beer into cans and Arizonan’s can't get enough of it. Mother Road stops short of calling their Tower Station a NE-style or hazy beer but does drop keywords like “unfiltered” and “pineapple." They back this up with tangerine and orange citrus and a pale body that lets the hops speak loudly. It’s a triumphant bridge between west coast and east coast into a midwest package. Making matters even cooler, Tower Station comes in 16oz cans that you can “drop the top” on by removing the whole top of the can to simulate drinking out of a glass and getting the full effect of that juicy hop aroma.

While Mother Road no longer offers the 'drop the top' can (due to costs and people littering) Tower Station is still as tasty. Take a look at our review here. Cheers.

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