College Football Turns To Beer: The Brewmance On The Radio.

College Football is back. But, college football has a problem. At many schools, game day attendance is way down. Some schools like Arkansas, LSU and Texas A&M think they have a solution. Beer. As The Brewmance likes to say, 'beer will save the day.'

It doesn't hurt Arkansas landed a $400,000 per year sponsorship deal with Anheuser Busch either.

Mike and Rob also discuss a list of beers you thought were 'healthy.' Turns out they aren't. But, there are health benefits in beer. No seriously, Mike looked. We walk you through those.

This week in the world of beer, there was some controversy over the name of a beer. Manhattan Project Beer Company out of Dallas, Texas named one of their beers Bikini Atoll. Some have taken offense with that name. The Brewmance explains why.

We always have these discussions with a feature Beer Of The Week. This week's is Dragoon Brewing's (Tucson, AZ) IPA. Mike and Rob rate and review it.

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