Held Accountable For Things You Did At 16.

The Brewmance On The Radio was shortened on-air this week because of the University of Arizona’s football game airing on 550 KFYI. But, a little college football won’t stop us from doing the full show.

00:00. Craft brewers have a big secret. They like light beer. Mike Russell & Rob Hunter discuss.

10:31. The Brewmance’s weird beer of the week comes from DuClaw Brewing(Baltimore, MD). No joke this one is called unicorn farts. We tell you all about it.

18:39 The Brewmance beer of the week is San Tan Brewing’s (Chandler, AZ) Mr. Pineapple wheat beer. Mike & Rob rate and rate it and review it on The Brewmance Beerometer.

21:11 On the first of two extra segments The Brewmance discusses the story of Carson King. A couple of weeks back King held up a sign on ESPN’s ‘College Game Day’ asking for beer money. King’s a Busch Light drinker. The story went viral and King raised $8,000 through his Venmo account after putting his username on his beer money sign. King decided he was going to donate the money to a children’s hospital.

Busch Light decided they would match it and they kept the donations coming in. He ended up raising $1,000,000.

Then someone scrolled through King’s twitter feed. Apparently, when he was 16-years old he made some racially sensitive jokes on Twitter. Now, Busch Light is distancing themselves from him. Ridiculous. Should we be held accountable for things we said when we were 16? Is there no such thing as forgiveness?

31:30: Some breweries feature a new beer every week. Mike doesn’t like this plan. He talks with Rob and why.

Thank you for joining us. Cheers.

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