Miller Lite Says Unfollow Us For Free Beer.

Miller Lite's new social media campaign is very similar to what we do here at The Brewmance. Hmmm.

See, we want to bring people together from all different walks of life and chat over a beer because we know we can solve most problems over a craft brew. 

Miller Lite's new anti-social media campaign actually encourages people to unfollow them. If you do, they will buy you a Miller Lite. Honestly, we don't drink Miller Lite much, but this is a great campaign even though it's illegal for Miller to buy us a beer in AZ.  

Let's chat about it. 

As always we feature a beer of the week as our Oktoberfest series wraps up. This week it's Lumberyard Brewing in Flagstaff. Mike & Rob rate and review it during the radio show.

We also tell you about Brews for Drew, a charity event happening at Barnone in Gilbert, AZ Saturday, November 2nd. 12 West Brewing and Fire and Brimstone Pizza are donating to Hospice of The Valley for a fundraiser put on by Joey and Chanel Bradfisch. Chanel lost her dad to brain cancer in 2013 and they want to give back to Hospice of The Valley because they took such amazing care of Drew.

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