Woke Culture Needs To Wake Up.

'We Get Woke Over Beer.' - Mike Russell.

Former President Barack Obama has a message for the so-called woke. His message: you've taken woke culture too far. Obama says it takes more than social media boycotts to make an actual difference in the world. President 44 also says you can't cancel people out simply because you disagree with one opinion they have or because of one thing they've done that you don't like.

But, that's what woke culture is becoming. Director Martin Scorsese is an example. He said he wasn't a fan of the Marvel movies and woke culture went crazy and tried to cancel out one of the most heralded movie directors of all time.

The Brewmance is all over this one, restoring civility one sip at a time as they talk issues over a beer. This week we discuss woke culture and social media movements with a Montucky Cold Snacks lager in hand.

Since we are talking 'wokeness' on this podcast Mike & Rob discuss what being truly woke is about. It ties in to when Mike Russell says, 'it costs zero dollars to mind your own damn business.'

What is Montucky Cold Snacks? It's the Unofficial Official Beer of Montana. It's new here the Arizona where the Brewmance is based. How does this measure up? We try it out.

Montucky Cold Snacks checks in at 4.1% ABV with 102 calories. And check out the can art. Dope.

Questions? Please let us know. Email us at cheers@brewmance.beer.


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