Ok, Boomer. The Brewmance Podcast.

Ok, Boomer has taken over the internet. Gen Z is taking on their grandparents negative comments about their generation and making them into memes like this one.

Memes are a way of life. In fact, culture now rewards to best meme makers. Think about it, the most popular politicians (President Trump, AOC, etc.) are internet trolls.

This is a great conversation to have over a beer as generations are pitting themselves against each other online. Mike and Rob pick up a Dragoon Brewing’s (Tuscon, AZ) Ryelander IPA. As usual, we find a path to agreement. Sitting down over a beer is a great way to find common ground.

So is there a way Boomers talk to Gen Z’ers? The older we get the more we realize wecanbe friends with Boomers, Gen X’ers, Millenials and Gen Z’ers. But, we also see the large differences between the generations. Boomers are the daughters and sons of the Greatest Generation. Boomers were taught their lessons. Gen Z’ers were born into the cynical internet world. A world that looks much different. A world filled with more information, more snark and more memes.

Join us for the interesting conversation.

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