Comedians Are Getting Us To Think More Than CNN Is.

Great comedy not only makes you laugh, it makes you think. Because great comedy is formed around an idea. Dave Chappelle, Jerry Senfield, Ricky Gervais and other comedians are the ones getting us to think. CNN and MSNBC certainly aren't.

Gervais shared his idea right to Hollywood's face at the Golden Globes. Actors and directors shouldn't lecture Americans about life and politics because as Gervais put it, they 'know nothing about the real world.'

So, while self-aggrandizing awards shows like the Golden Globes aren’t important, Gervais’ commentary is. Especially, since it's comedians who have steadily been calling out to so-called ‘cancel culture’ the most. Cancel culture is the woke crowd. The crowd that takes offense to everything, sometimes to ideas or jokes that were tweeted a decade ago.

Cancel culture is bad for America.

Gervais also followed up with four points all need to hear. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter with The Brewmance run through his point points, commercial free, on this podcast. You’ll love them.

This is another great conversation to have over a beer. Today, Mike and Rob grab Clown Shoes Beer‘s (Ipswich, MA) Galactica Double IPA. Check out the can art. If you see that, how can’t you try this craft beer?

The Brewmance rates and reviews this double IPA while talking about the important risks comedians are taking. Join us. Click on the link above or search The Brewmance on your iHeartRadio App or wherever you get your podcasts.

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